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Faizel Patel - 16/01/2020

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The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) says the state-owned Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA (NECSA) has been in constant decline and it comes as no surprise that the entire board of the company resigned en masse citing a dire lack of support from mineral resources and energy minister Gwede Mantashe.

The energy ministry confirmed it received a combined resignation letter that was submitted to Mantashe on Tuesday.

It says officials will now be prioritizing new appointments to the board.

Necsa has been mired in a financial and operational crisis much like other state run firms including power utility Eskom
Outa’s Wayne Duvenhage says there has been rumblings from the Necsa board from 2019.

“Remember this is a new board. The previous board was moved out, I think they’ve had a musical chairs situation of the Necsa board for a number of years. This entity has been in constant decline due to political meddling, due to pure leadership, due to lack of clarity.”

He says Mantashe is not fit to be energy minister.

“It’s an absolute mess and the public are getting sick and tired of this especially when we see people in positions such as Gwede Mantashe who we believe is not fit for this role. They do not have the expertise even thought they surround themselves with so called experts in this field. They are not leading in the manner that is required.”

Necsa is one of the world’s largest producer of medical radioisotopes and promotes research and development in nuclear energy.


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