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Faizel Patel - 17/01/2020

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 Yousuf Deedat Yousuf Deedat

The spokesperson for the Deedat family has told Radio Islam that they cannot speculate if Yousuf's shooting was hit.

It’s understood 65-year-old Yousuf Deedat, son of late religious scholar Ahmed Deedat was walking towards the Verulam family court with his wife on Wednesday when he was approached by an unknown Indian man who drew a firearm and shot him in the head.

KwaZulu-Natal police are currently investigating a case of attempted murder saying the motive for the shooting is not known.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Professor Salim Karim says the family is hoping police will track down the suspect and establish why he shot Deedat.

“He was not someone that they immediately recognized. So there is speculation right now as to what exactly what went on.”

Karim did not want drawn into whether Deedat had links to any terror group.

“He’s my brother-in-law, I’ve known him for many years. I’ve not know him to have any links with any group of that nature. He’s been a community activist, he’s been an Islamic scholar, he’s been somebody who propagated and promoted religion. Right now, all of that for me is part of his past."

Karim says while Yousuf’s condition is stable, he remains in a critical condition surrounded by family.


Listen to the interview with Professor Salim Karim