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By Mumtaz Moosa Saley


2020 should be the year of change and on my many research ventures I found ways to help make Gifting a better option while uplifting those in need, we take a look at various small charities in Johannesburg that offer gift vouchers.

Homelessness is something that no one wishes upon themselves. In recent months the amount of homeless people has almost doubled and has called on the city to invest more in homeless shelters.

Many times we have this mindset that we don’t want to hand out money as it may be used for substance abuse and not for basic human needs, on my many searches to help find a solution I have found out that many shelters in and around South Africa do offer vouchers that can be purchased and handed out.

So, what does R40 get you?

While many feel that the amount is a bit much for a single person we have to be realistic in the cost of living as well. Most Places charge between R40- R120 a day and it will provide a safe place where a person may sleep the night, a hot meal and a place to shower for a night.

If we all step up and step in, we won’t have to complain about public spaces being used as sleeping shelters during the night.

Google shelters near you and simply call them up to find out if they offer vouchers, most shelters do also provide job placement for regular dwellers.
Alternatively, if you know anyone who needs help but can not afford the daily fee contact the Displaced Persons unit on (011) 407 7308.

Looking to gift someone a once in a lifetime gift?

A few organizations in South Africa have also come on board with the voucher system and one of them being a donation gift on behalf of someone the amounts you can choose, the charity list will be sent to you and simple gestures go a long way.

Houghton Ladies Forum has various vouchers from R100 a voucher and you could gift a water well in Africa and various other projects around the world.

For more information contact Naushina on 082 625 6252.

Mini Miracles allows you to support various projects in Johannesburg, the aim of Mini Miracles is to allow mothers and children to be cared for with dignity.
You may purchase items on their list or simply gift a new-born baby much-needed items so mum can enjoy her bundle of joy without a worry. They have recently ventured into helping kids in state hospitals as well ensuring that every child is given the gift of dignity.

For more information you can contact Razeena 072 221 2342

Let's make 2020 a year to give back where we can.