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Husain Mohamed - Radio Islam News - 02.01.2020


The year 2019 was a real eventful one in terms of South African Politics.

A few of the major headlines included the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as president of the country, The development of the Zondo commission of inquiry and Infighting within the DA among many other headlines through the year.

General elections were held in South Africa on 8 May 2019 to elect a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures in each province.

The election of Cyril Ramaphosa as President was seen as a time filled with optimism and positivity in South Africa as many thought due to his business expertise he would turn the country in the right direction and help grow the economy. This has so far not been the case as we have seen the fall of many state-owned enterprises including Eskom, SABC and South African Airways.

The Zondo Commission, is a public inquiry launched by the government of Cyril Ramaphosa to investigate allegations of State Capture, Corruption, Fraud and other allegations in the Public Sector. Most testimonies given to the inquiry have focused on allegations of corruption during the administration of former President Jacob Zuma.

The developments of the Zondo commission of inquiry can definitely be seen as a positive for the year 2019. Although no arrests have been made, a range of testimonies were given on a number of corruption and state capture related issues.

Professor Suleman Dangor and Mohamed Kharwa spoke to Radio Islam, looking at the big stories of 2019 on the political front and what are the expectations for 2020.


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