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Umm Muhammed Umar  07.01.20


10 million acres of land in Australia have been burnt to the ground. Almost 400 homes have been destroyed in just the past week alone. 25 people have been killed in the bushfires so far.

Thousands of people continue to flee as the exceptional bushfires sweep across the Australian eastern region of New South Wales. The wildfires have caused New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian to declare a seven-day state of emergency. This was to allow for assisted evacuations for the thousands of residents and tourists trapped in the middle of shocking scenes of massive forest fires.

Ecologists at the University of Sydney have projected that around 480 million creatures have perished in the intense wildfires. This includes more than 8,000 koalas. Officials fear that 30% of the koala colony in New South Wales have died in the fires. Meanwhile, there are more than 200 colossal fires burning presently across the region.

The fires are just one more proof of the urgency of the earth’s climate change crisis, manifesting in palpable, visible catastrophic events around the world. It thus remains vital for us all to help raise awareness, and actively work towards better protecting the earth. It’s vital that we also contribute towards efforts to provide remedies and solutions to environmental disasters.

Environmental disasters are far from isolated events. People around the world are becoming more aware of the intertwined connectedness of our earth. Natural disasters such as Australia’s bushfires highlight how the rest of the world will sooner or later also be affected. As Australia’s bushfires continue to burn, residents across the ocean in New Zealand have begun to witness the affects. New Zealand’s glaciers have now reportedly turned black. Snow has begun to turn brown due to the enormous plumes of smoke from the wildfires. Further, more than 3,000 glaciers in New Zealand had already begun disappearing due to global warming, without the added effects of these bushfires from Australia.

As the fires continue to destroy the region and kill wildlife, plants and animals, we must try to, in whatever way possible ensure we are actively protecting our earth better, by educating ourselves on recycling, on using what we own to the maximum, before making new purchases, and by acquiring what we need, rather than what we want. Ensure you are voting for politicians who are pro-environment, and not climate-change deniers. Save water. Educate yourself on what products are attempting to utilize environmentally-safe or bio-degradable materials. We have to all work towards becoming conscious citizens of this earth, the only home we all share.