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1-Istighfar – making a lot of Istighfar helps a lot in increasing sustenance and solving financial issues – this is proven in the Sunna of prophet s.a.w and in Quran:


  • Prophet s.a.w said ( he who make a lot of Istighfar Allah will ease his matters and grant him a lot of provision from Where  he doesn’t even think )
  • Allah said in Quran in what can be translated ( say Astaghfirullah Allah and he shall send upon you provision and make for you gardens and grant you children )

There are many forms of Istighfar you can do all of them and in main time stick to the words ( Astaghfirullah or Allahumma Ighfir li ) it means oh Allah forgive me – prophet Muhammed used to make over 100 times Astaghfirullah a day .

  • making sincere taubah – praying to Allah two raka of salah and asking his forgiveness for all sins  while in salah will help a lot –
  • making the master of Istighfar is also helpful


2- give charity – Allah said ( spend and I shall spend on you ) giving charity even small thing help increase the provision – even one rand u give away for Allah will come to you with a lot of provision . – if you don’t have any money to give – ur smile can b charity – teaching some one some thing good is a charity , helping some one is charity.

3-visit your relatives – specially aunts , sisters , grandmothers etc – joining family ties is proven in Sunna that it increase provision and protect from poverty – prophet s.a.w he who wants richness should join family ties.

4-reading sura waqia every day – helps a lot – and proven also in Sunna


5-reading the dua of prophet for richness and debit  ( Allahumma Ikfini Bihlalika an Haramaika Waghnini Bifadlika Amman Siwaka )


اللهم اكفني بحلالك عن حرامك واغنني بفضلك عمن سواك


 Meaning - Oh Allah make your Halal provision sufficient for me so that I stay away from Haram and enrich me from your favors)


6-stay away from evil doings and sins – as much as you can try to stay away and if u fall immediately repent – prophet s.a.w said – a servant of Allah may be deprived of provision because of a sin he, she made.