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  1. Increase in Du'aa.
  2. Recite abundant Istighfaar.
  3. Recite Durood upon Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam).
  4. Prepare meals for those sitting in i'tikaaf (1 month) or last 10 days.
  5. Babysit for family members and neighours during Taraweeh so that their mums can pray with khushu’ and concentration.
  6. Cook iftaar for sisters who are expecting, students away from home, etc. in your community and deliver it to their homes.
  7. Help the widows with their chores and errands.
  8. Assist the elderly in their visits to a doctor / clinic.
  9. Read an authentic book on the seerah of Rasoolullah (sallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam).
  10. Do any spring cleaning, laundry, Eid shopping etc. that needs to be done now, so that you can fully focus on Qur’an/salah/etc when you are fasting.
  11. You can also prepare and freeze some vegetables /food now so that meal preparations are easier during the last 10 days of Ramadaan.
  12. Spend a lot of time in du`a’, and memorize the du`a’s for different actions, as based on the sunnah of Rasoolullah (sallalaahu 'alayhi wa salam).
  13. Memorize Allah Ta'ala's beautiful Names and their meanings.
  14. Volunteer at an orphanage or soup kitchen.
  15. Co-ordinate a Ramadaan / Eid awareness programme at your local school / madrasah /  workplace.
  16. Make Eid/Ramadan goodie bags for the orphans so that they feel loved and feel attached to the Ummah of Islam.
  17. Do the adhkar (remembrance of Allah) for morning and evening narrated from the Prophet (sallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam).
  18. Read: Munaajate Maqbool, hizbul aazam, morning and evening du'aas, 40 salaat and salaam.
  19. Remember to seek out Laylat ul-Qadr throughout the month and do not let even one night go by without making du`a’.
  20. Find out who is sick in your area or in the hospital and go visit them and try to help them.
  21. Look for new converts, those who are newly practicing or people who have lost touch with the community and invite them over for iftar.
  22. Learn one Sunnah and bring it alive into your life.
  23. Offer to listen to your husband / son / brother / father's dhor (if they are huffadh and preparing with their revision for salaatut-taraweeh).
  24. Reflect on your Ramadaan goals: REVIEW – RENEW – REFRESH ..your goals and niyyat for this month of spiritual trasformation.
  25. And of course, stay listening to Radio Islam International!

Prepared by: Hafidha Rayhaanah Omar (, for Radio Islam International.

Please note: Corresponding podcast will be uploaded soon, Inshaa Allah.

  Rayhaanah Omar
~Let the beauty of what you ♥ be what you do~


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