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Zondo’s Recusal will Delegitimize Commission

Nov 19, 2020

By Naadiya Adams

Associate Labour Law Professor Cathy Powell at the University of Cape Town says while Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo recusal may not cause the commission to collapse, it will delegitimize the process in the eyes of the public and force the new judge to re-start the process.

Deputy Chief Justice Zondo will announce his recusal decision from the State Capture Commission on Thursday.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Powell believes that delaying the outcome and putting the legitimacy of the commission into question is Zuma’s end game.

Zondo iwas to deliver his ruling on the call from former president Jacob Zuma to recuse himself, on Wednesday, but it was again postponed.

Zuma claims Zondo is biased against him and that the two men have a personal history- all of which has been denied by Zondo.

Though the validity of Zuma’s bias claims against Zondo hold no water according to Powell.

Powell says Zuma is procrastinating, “As the proceedings progress it becomes clearer and clearer to me that this is simply buying time for Zuma.”

The former President maintains that Deputy Chief Justice Zondo can’t make a ruling on their relationship and the request for his recusal from the state capture inquiry because he has made a statement about it.

Powell says the importance of a impartial judge is higher in an inquiry process as opposed to a court of law as the judge gets involved and is tasked with getting answers where in a court of law he simply has evidence presented to him.


Listen to the full interview with Cathy Powell.


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