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A life of hell as yet another whistleblower is left without protection

Neelam Rahim / neelam@radioislam.co.za

3 min read
02 February 2023 / 16:53 pm CAT

Photo: Google

Photo: Google

Yet another whistleblower has seen her life drain after she decided to blow the whistle on her employer. Mathapelo More was an auditor at Pubic Investment Corporation-owned Daybreak Farms when she blew the whistle on her bosses in a bid to prevent the theft of more than R200m from a company owned by state pensioners and workers. She was fired almost two years ago after exposing irregular payments to companies linked to senior PIC and Daybreak officials. She is now struggling to pay school fees and put food on the table.

In an interview with Radio Islam International, Public Interest spokesperson Tebogo Khaas said the attacks on whistleblowers are disturbing but revertable; however, the only protection received was lip service.

According to Khaas, whistleblowers have endured a heavy burden trying to expose how funds are abused, especially in the public sector.

He said petitions had been run with the public on the protection of whistleblowers. And ensuring provision for safety and substances in instances where they have been left stranded due to their diligence and commitment to being good citizens.

Meanwhile, things have come to a grinding halt for Mathapelo More as she struggles to pay fees and put an adequate amount of food on the table.

Mathapelo won a case against Daybreak at the CCMA last year and was awarded reinstatement and more than R700 thousand in back pay. But rather than doing the right thing, the company is spending millions of rand appealing to the system.

Listen to the interview with Moulana Habib Bobat and Tebogo Khaas on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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