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A Mass Immigration Wave Is Expected to Hit South Africa and Other Countries

By Umamah Bakharia

After witnessing and experiencing the devastating effects of the pandemic on the countries most impacted by the coronavirus and its consequences, people now also look for the countries with the most stable and sensible governments.

Local analysts have already pointed to a major emigration wave being seen in South Africa at the end of 2021. 

In an interview with BusinessTech, Dr Christian Kaelin, chairman of Henley & Partners, says economic opportunity, political tensions, and climate change all play a role in the people emigrating.

Radio Islam spoke to Amanda Smith, Managing Partner at Henley & Partners, The Global Leader in Residence and Citizenship by Investment, on the immigration wave.

Amanda Smith, Managing Partner at Henley & Partners.

“Following the global pandemic, its clear that diversifying country risks has become a priority in terms of personal access rights as well as financial and property investment,” says Smith.

She adds: “Not only from South Africa but in the high network individuals from advanced economies with premium passports and world class health care systems are not looking to create portfolios of complimentary citizenship and residency options.”

The most popular destination for South Africans over the years is to emigrate to Australia, Portugal, Montenegro & Turkey.

However, the terms on emigration granted depends on the reasoning behind the emigration.

Recent developments in South African economy have influenced a emigration wave.

In an interview Emma Durkin, head of Human Capital at Altron Karabina, said that while an increase in resignations was first reported in July 2021, what was a trickle in cases has developed into a full-blown wave as more skilled people weigh up their options.

“If we don’t look after people now, the scarce skills bump that we are going through now is going to become a crisis, and that is something we want to avoid,” she said.

While South Africa is not unique in experiencing a brain drain, Durkin said that the Covid-19 pandemic and closure of borders had created 18 months of pent-up demand, with a significant amount of people emigrating in just a few months.


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