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A nightly-routine to rival all nightly routines

Shakirah Hunter

Morning routines and bed-time routines have become somewhat of an addiction and a joy to watch. We are all looking for the optimum routine for our skins and that one magic cream that fixes it all. And so, because we are addicted to finding that solution – we have thousands of creams on our market. We have seasonal creams, and creams for specific skin types. A cream for the undereye area and one specific to wrinkles around the mouth.

And once you have perfected your skin color and tone, we have mists and sprays for moisture, spfs and special tints for protection. Now as marketing companies and influencers make millions from sharing these routines – I noticed a particular trend to the number of times one used these creams. Not only was the cream important- but the manner of application was extremely important. There are those who swear by the three -layer process- the post wash washing of your skin.

Recently I noticed the ceramide youth advancing capsules- little gold capsules packaged to perfection and marketed to encourage you -gently but firmly towards adding it to your daily or nightly routine to ‘save’ you from the dreaded old-age.

Last night I was reading my nightly protection duas and I laughingly related to my husband an anecdote of my childhood. I remember my beloved father every night cupping his hands together and reciting his three surahs of protection – Surah Al-Ikhlaas , Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Naas and then he would remove his topi (head gear) and blow into his cupped hands. He would roll up his sleeves and starting from the top of his head he would rub his entire body. Three times he would do it, with such seriousness and rub it in as if it was an actual cream for protection. He would then do the exact same for us kids and we would wriggle away – wanting to get done as quickly as possible.

He always reminded us that this was the best treatment for protection and his conviction in this action of the Holy Prophet (S). Now so many years later as I repeat the exact same process with my son and take time and effort to rub every part of his little body, I can’t but see how the protection duas and the number of times and the manner that it is done – is in reality the BEST morning and evening routine.

Whilst the world moves to protecting out outer skin with expensive creams and sprays and mists it is the internal protection that is of paramount importance. And whilst millions are paid in marketing campaigns that create total conviction on the creation of man – our faith is that in this simple nightly routine of reciting Surah An-Naas , Surah Al- Falaq and Suraah Al Ikhlaas blow into hands each time and rub it over our entire body – as done by our Habeeb Muhammed (S) creates the Best protection needed.


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