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A Poem about Pain

A Poem Composed By Abdullah Panjwani, a student who unfortunately had to take an indefinite medical break because of a severe and very rare chronic illness called CRPS or RSD. During this break he composed this poem.

Tears in my eyes, rolling down my cheeks,
What is it, oh pain, that you truly seek?

Break me, is that what’s your goal?
Well then, friend, get ready for an almighty brawl.

From daybreak to sunset you may take the acclaim,
And for all the restless nights you
give me, the same

For all those times you’ve prevented me from going out,
And for all those times you’ve made me want to just scream and shout.

For all the skeptical looks you’ve made me get from people,
And for all those times you’ve made me feel just small and miserable.

For all those times you’ve made even my closest of relatives turn against me,
And for all those times you’ve made me seriously want to question God on his decree.

My only message to you oh pain, is simple and precise,
Through which will just be the
beginning of your demise.

Is That All You Got?

Because everytime you knock me down,
I get up again before even my first teardrop forms

And everytime you’ve given me a restless night,
It makes me think of those in an even sorrier place and state.

And all the times you’ve grounded me and held me back from going out,
I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate, serve, and understand the love and company of my loved ones more.

For all the haters and doubters you’ve created for me,
It’s only tended to help me sieve apart my true friends from the hypocrites.

For all those times you’ve made me question God’s decree,
I’ve learnt to appreciate everything else he’s given me.

So, pain, the longer you keep attacking me with my back to the ropes,
The only purpose you’re serving is mine.

And the longer you keep hitting me,
The only ones energy you depleting is yours

So what you say buddy, got anything else left in your tank?
Because all your advances are only upping the balances in MY life bank.

So lets start all over again shall we,
And maybe this time a more competitive battle we shall see

Tears in my eyes, rolling down my cheeks,
Are you sure, oh pain, that you’re even succeeding in what you seek?



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