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Afriforum: Malema, Ndlozi Assault Case Postponement Highly Questionable

Sep 08, 2021

By Naadiya Adams

Its been two years since the Economic Freedom Fighter leaders were involved in a scuffle with lieutenant colonel Johannes Jacobus Venter.

The incident took place during the funeral of struggle stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela at the Fourways Memorial Park in April 2018.

The Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi had their common assault case postponed again this week at Randburg Magistrates Court. More than two years after the incident.

The postponement has sparked an outcry as civil rights organisation Afriforum, who is directly involved in the case says they were not aware of a decision by the National Prosecuting Authority to allow the pair to not appear at court for the postponement. An arrangement was allegedly made between the NPA and the EFF lawyer. Afriforum’s Jaques Broodryk says there is obvious interference.

“Its come to light that there was undue interference in the case. We talking case dockets that disappear, electronic evidence that was tampered with, all those things that make this case very suspicious from the get go,” explained Broodryk.

Broodryk says the postponement is highly irregular as once a court date is set and a decision is taken as to when the accused should appear in court, “a special arrangement” which goes against a court order is seemingly highly questionable.

He says, this trend has been seen before when it pertains to the judiciary’s treatment of politicians.

“We are very concerned regarding many cases that we have handled over the last while, where politicians are involved and the cases get treated in very strange manners,” explained Brooderyk.

According to Broodryk, experienced lawyers like advocate Gerrie Nel, agree that the arrangement sets a precedence of underhandedness. He believes Malema and Ndlozi receive special treatment at the courts.

“I can give you numerous examples where we arrive at a court house and every other person there has to fill in a Covid register, but Mr Malema will just be able to walk in, little things like that made you realise that something was not quite fair on how this case is being handled and how he is being treated.”

Venter, who was attached to the Presidential Protection Service, said in an earlier testimony that Malema and Ndlozi pushed him at the entrance when he tried stopping their vehicle from entering the premises.

He also told the court that the politician’s vehicle was not accredited to pass through the gate and was not part of the main convoy, which included the hearse, the family and other dignitaries.


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