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48 Hours Later, Still No Sign of Kidnapped Moti Brothers

Oct 21, 2021

By Naadiya Adams

The quest to find the missing boys of Polokwane based Moti family is intensifying, police are on the hunt to find the four brothers.

Nazim and Shakira Moti, a wealthy power couple in Polokwane, hold a great deal of prominence within the community. On Wednesday morning the Moti’s would hear the news that their four sons have been taken, kidnapped, with no trace in sight. Brothers Zia (15), Alaan (13), Zayyad (11) and Zidan (6) were taken en route to their school, Curro Heuwelkruin, on Wednesday morning allegedly by seven armed men.

In an interview with Radio Islam, the family lawyer Phillip Smit detailed the kidnapping “At about 7 o clock yesterday morning they were transported to school on the N1 bypass next to Polokwane when apparently four vehicles… forcefully pulled over the vehicle in which the children were transported and um.. the driver of the vehicle was pulled out of the car and the children were taken out and put in one of the getaway cars and they left.”

The driver was left unharmed.

The family have yet to reveal whether or not contact has been made almost two days after the boys were taken. According to Smit, the family has no idea of the location of their kids.

Limpopo police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo confirmed on Thursday that the boys have yet to be found. Brigadier Mojapelo also confirmed that no communication has been received from the kidnappers.

Smit says at this stage they have no information about any ransom that has been demanded and await for contact to be made.

When probed on whether or not any developments had transpired since the boys were taken, Smit mentioned being unable to divulge any information.

Messages of support have poured in on social media since the news broke on Wednesday.

Police have begun a countrywide manhunt for the perpetrators.

Anyone with information can contact the police’s emergency number, 10111.


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  1. Tee

    Regarding the 4 moti boys They come from an Islamic background can they not find a moulana who has a muakkal, if the boys are alive the muakkal will locate them. We have an Islamic route use it.


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