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American Expert Tells Radio Islam Clinton May Clinch US Presidential Election

Nov 07, 2016


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 07-11-2016

As the voting day in the US approaches, an American expert has told Radio Islam that he predicts that Democrat Hillary Clinton will win the US Presidential elections.

Not only is the winner going to seal the fate of the Americans for the next four years, but the result will also have important ramifications for the rest of the world.

Clinton is still the favourite to win Tuesday’s election, with a clearer path to winning of the Electoral College.

But Trump now has a plausible route to victory, especially if there is a sharp fall in turnout among African-Americans from the levels of the 2012 election.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Brooks Spector says Clinton will get a narrow victory in the popular vote which is the total number of votes nationally.

“But I think it will be more substantial seeing through the lens of the electoral vote and that is the weighted percentage that each state is given. So I think her electoral vote will be rather larger because of narrow wins in a large number of states.”

Spector says while there were landslides victories in the 1964 and 1974 for the Republican and Democrat candidates, this election is different.

“The support for Donald Trump in spite of all the evidence has actually grown. The support for Hillary Clinton has not grown enormously because there are lingering doubts on the part of many people about the ethics of the Hillary Clinton circumstance.”

Meanwhile the FBI on Sunday said it stood by its earlier finding that no criminal charges were warranted against Clinton for using a private email server for government work, lifting a cloud over her presidential campaign two days before the US election.

FBI Director James Comey made the announcement in a letter to Congress, saying the agency had worked “around the clock” to complete its review of newly discovered emails and found no reason to change its July finding.

The FBI examined Clinton’s emails to see if they are relevant to its probe of the private email server used for government work while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

Last week President Barak Obama called Trump “uniquely unqualified” and “temperamentally unfit” to be president.

The American presidential elections is the longest, most expensive and arguably most watched election on the entire planet.



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