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An Ode to My Darling Mom

Where do I begin?
Right from the start…
I grew inside you right under your heart..
Felt every beat while I was in your womb.

You were glowing and happy.
And always full of joy.
To you it didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy…
There were no fancy sonar scans.
All you needed was to be healthy and to make sure that your baby was healthy too!!

Yes I’m talking from before we even met…
Before I was born.
You cared for me from the time I was conceived.
You loved me before I came into this world!

The day finally arrived!!
I was on my way to meet you.
My Angel given to me by the Almighty Himself.

They rushed you to the hospital…
I don’t really know Why.
Because back then there was home births
With midwives and nurses…
Sounds like it was so so long ago.

You gave birth to me.
Your healthy, beautiful baby girl.
You told me so yourself.
I was a big baby and you were very exhausted.
My birth was in the middle of Winter and the day was very cold.

The wind was howling outside, but nothing mattered as you were overjoyed with me.
You dressed me up snuggly and fed me and lay me down to sleep.
Then you waited for us to be fetched from the hospital….
My Dad and uncle came and I can almost see the proud smiles on their faces…

You took your coat and walked out of the hospital to the waiting car.
I guess you were cold, tired and just wanted to get home.
You got into the car and made yourself comfortable….
Then the question was asked by my Dad, have you not had a baby yet??

And then the realization hit you…
You had forgotten me in the hospital, panic stricken and shocked you got out of the car and ran back into the hospital to find your precious baby.
You went straight to the bed where you left me to sleep, and there I was still fast asleep and waiting for you to fetch me.
That was a continuous joke between us….
That is our first memory together!!

We had millions of memories after that.
You gave me Life!!

You taught me about Friendship
You taught me about Love
You taught me about Joy
You taught me about Pain
You taught me about Sorrow
You taught me about Morals
You taught me about Respect

I can write a billion words and it will never ever even be a drop in the ocean of what you gave me…
We had our ups and downs like any Mother and child but that just made our Bond even stronger.
You gave me unconditional Love and you were always there for me in good times and bad times.
Can I ever thank you enough??
Can I ever thank Our Creator enough?
I don’t think that will ever be possible.

I’m writing this to honour You!
To honour the Life that You have Lived.
To honour the Joy you brought in into my life and also in the lives of everyone else who knew you.
I finally understand the saying: “Leave a little Love and Happiness wherever you go”!
You sprinkled the World with so much Happiness.

You left no stone unturned to please your loved ones and even for strangers.
You would give the clothes off your back to someone who didn’t have.
Many times you didn’t even eat because you thought about your children.
That was one of your many strengths, and did you have many…

The list is endless and You are truly Unforgettable…
My Love for You will never end even though you are an Angel now
You will always be Alive to me and with me…

I will never say goodbye to You
I will never grieve for losing You
In my heart, my mind, my dreams and in my Prayers you are always there.

You are my life and You always will be.

I love you Mom.

Written by: Firoza Hanslow


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