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ANC councillor Tshepo Motaung murder causes unrest in Mabopane

By Zuleikha Ahmed

Friday evening, the councillor of Mabopane in Pretoria was shot and killed in an execution-type murder.

This has caused an uprise in protests in the community, where members say that they will not stop until those responsible for the murder and killing of their ward councillor are put behind bars. Community members and a few ANC members took to the streets and barricaded roads with burning tyres.

It is believed that his death was politically motivated.

The incident occurred as Motaung returned home from a meeting, accompanied by his uncle and his nephew. It stated that he was shot 20 times and died on the spot while his uncle retained bullet wounds, and the nephew escaped unharmed.

Motaung was described as a kind, caring person who was there for the community and assisted whenever needed; he was a peacemaker and not a greedy person.

SANCO leader in the township David Tshesedi has said, “We are protesting today because we want justice for Tshepo. And we seek justice. Because Many councillors have been killed and justice has not been served on their behalf. Tshepo’s death was politically motivated.”


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