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ANC Unapologetic About Zuma’s Nine Wasted Years


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 02-05-2019

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


Questions have been raised about why should South Africans take the ANC’s rhetoric on corruption seriously, when the party itself has been embroiled in a number of corruption scandals.

The ANC’s Ebrahim Rasool was speaking during Radio Islam’s election debate at the Civic Centre in Lenasia yesterday.

Rasool says the ANC has initiated a number of commission to root out corruption within the party.

However, a question was posed to Rasool by Ml Sulaimaan Ravat about why former President Jacob Zuma was allowed to campaign for the party when President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasised that nine years were wasted under Zuma’s leadership.

Rasool refused to apologise for Zuma’s corrupt leadership saying the party had removed Zuma at Nasrec.

“What accountability do you want then to remove him at Nasrec. What greater accountability do you want than to have him on the 14th of February removed as president of the country.”

Ml Ravat rebutted the explanation from Rasool saying, “the ANC defended him repeatedly in parliament. They only removed him after he had put the country into the gutters.”


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