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Angelo Fick: “Many People are Hoping Jacob Zuma’s Hospitalization Does not Become a ‘Schabir Shaik Part Two'”

Aug 06, 2021

Jacob Zuma’s corruption trial postponed

Faizel Patel – 06/08/2021

Political analyst Angelo Fick says many people are hoping that former president Jacob Zuma’s hospitalisation does not become a Schabir Shaik part two.

Fick was speaking to Radio Islam during the Asri Report on Friday.

The Correctional Services Department confirmed on Friday that Zuma was at a facility outside the Estcourt Correctional Centre where he is serving his 15-month jail term.

Jacob Zuma Foundation spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi said the former president’s hospitalisation was a routine check-up which was scheduled months in advance.

Fick says there was an expectation that Zuma would be hospitalised.

“In the court applications, various of his attorneys indicated that his health and his age are a serious concern. Mr. Zuma has had a history of health concerns. What I think many people are hoping does not happen is that this becomes a Shaik part two where the person goes to prison and can appeal their sentence on the basis of medical leave, then really no justice is served.”

Fick says details surrounding Zuma’s hospitalization is crucial in terms of the state’s response.

“Whether we hear from Minister Lamola about how this was handled or whether we just hear from a provincial official in Correctional Services in KwaZulu-Natal to explain to South Africans why the decision was made to take him to an outside hospital and what his condition is in so far as its still maintains such an update but still maintains the right to privacy.”

In June, the Constitutional Court found Zuma guilty of contempt of court over his refusal to co-operate with the state capture inquiry that he set up.

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


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