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Who and What are the Mur’jiah?

Jun 03, 2015

umm Abdillah, Radio Islam Programming | 2015.06.03 | 15 Sha’ban 1436 H




This is part of a Radio Islam series taking apart oft-mentioned contestations of ISIS propagandists. Those who aim ISIS rhetoric at unwitting South African audiences create confusion, mayhem and aim to weaken public faith in the guidance of our Ulama.


Part 2 and 3 of our [6] part series were answered by Ml. Abbas-Ali Zubair Ally one our senior South African Ulama of Springs.


Part 2:

a) Explain the concepts Irjaa and a being a Murjiah from an Aqeedah perspective and then from the purview of ISIS propagandists?

b) Are Sufi’s and the Tabligh Jamaat murjiah’s as claimed by ISIS propagandists?


Part 3:

a) How do we qualify the ma’moolat and tasbeehs we recite daily? Have they been proven from the sunnah, or fake and bid’at as some are claiming?

b) Are those who quote the Moulana Rumi’s and ancient poets of the world sell-outs to the true Deen?


Summary: (Please listen to entire podcast for detailed answers)




Most of us would never have even heard these terms like irjaa’ and murjiah used by ISIS propagandists. Approximately 150 years after the death of Rasulullah (S) many sects emerged. An offshoot of the Shia sect were the Khawarij. Khariji’s had extreme doctrines notably that of Takfir. According to them any major sin committed takes you out the fold of Islam. The other extreme, the Mu’tazila based their interpretation only on reason and rational thought. They too are viewed as heretical. In reaction to beliefs of the Khawarij and Mu’tazila, a third group emerged known as the Murjia’. Murjia’ believed once you have Ieman, deeds don’t matter. This is similar to St Paul’s doctrine among the Christians. We, the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah however believe Ieman and A’maal (actions) both matter. Ieman will get you to jannah – which is sufficient for our najaat/salvation, and A’maal (our deeds and actions) aid in darajaat, viz, raising our rank.




Sufi’s and Tableegi’s cannot be considered Mur’jiahs, even in a lesser sense as apologists. Firstly lets looks at what a Sufi is? Secondly, it’s important to note the teachings of the Tabligh Jamaat base all mentions of Zikrullah on pure Ieman. Casting aspiration is slanderous. Authenticated and unbroken chains of spiritual guidance come from the era of Hasan Basari (ra) based on the sunnah. Authentic unbroken chains of spiritual guidance are also called Tareeqat or Ihsaan. This concept is based on a famous hadith. So all the awraad, azkaar, ma’moolat, wazeefa’s & tasbeehs we recite daily are proven from Quran/Hadith directly and indirectly.


Those who call Ml Jalaaludeen Rumi and other scholars who composed poetry heretics or fake are misguided. Righteous poetry was recited by Sahaba (ra) on the order of Rasulullah (S). How can it then be called bid’ah?


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