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Once again the Hajis are leaving for Haj. On such occasions the airport is packed with their relatives and friends who come to wish them well on their journey. The same scenario is evident when the Hajis return. Some people have been advising that on such occasions one should avoid going to the airport. Instead one should visit them at their homes. Is this correct?

To wish the Hujjaj well on their journey and to take their duas when they leave and return are commendable acts. However, when a permissible or even a mustahab (preferable) act becomes a means of one becoming involved in other aspects which are against the dictates of the Shariah, such mustahab actions also will be omitted. For instance to accept an invitation is Sunnah and encouraged in the Ahadith. However, if by attending the occasion for which one has been invited one will become involved in other sinful activities that are taking place there (such as music etc.), it will not be permissible to attend. Similarly, it is an act of great virtue for the person performing tawaaf to kiss the Hajrul Aswad (the black stone in the corner of the Ka’ba Shareef). Yet if due to the crowd one will cause inconvenience to others by attempting to push one’s way through, one must refrain from going to kiss the Hajrul Aswad. There are many other examples of this nature.


With regard to going to the airport, the Hujjaj themselves have no option. If the sheer number of the Hujjaj who are all leaving at one time crams up the airport, it is unavoidable. Nevertheless they should still take every precaution to avoid the evils listed below. As for the well-wishers, that is a different matter. On such occasions when huge crowds gather at the airport, many aspects contrary to the dictates of the Shariah take place, such as:

·         Intermingling of males and females. Often when the airport is crammed, males and females brush against one another while trying to move from one end to the other. This is indeed a serious act.

·         Many people miss their salaah or miss performing it with jamaat due to being jammed in the crowds.

·         Passengers who will be flying at that time (Muslims and non-Muslims) are greatly inconvenienced by the crowds of well-wishers who often even jam up the doorways and restrict the free movement of traffic. The Qur’an and Hadith strongly emphasise the prohibition of inconveniencing others in any way.

·         Many Muslim women (who apparently have come to see the Hujjaj off or to receive them) are dressed in a shameless manner, thus becoming a means of fitnah for themselves and others.

·         Furthermore in many instances people go to see off or receive some Haji simply because “it will not look nice if I do not go!” In such instances the intention is also not sincere. If the intention is not sincere, there can be no hope for reward.

Every person can reflect and ponder as to whether he / she ever became involved in any of the above aspects on such occasions. Hence the solution is to avoid the airport on such occasions when it is known in advance that the above situations are likely to occur.

In the light of the above, women should totally refrain from going to the airport to leave the Hujjaj or receive them. They should visit the Hujjaj at their homes. The few males that do go to the airport to leave or receive the Hujjaj should also take great care to avoid the above mentioned evils.



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