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Being a Muslim


Being Muslim,
is like art,
Beautiful, full of color,
Inspiring and mesmerizing,
Yet so simple,
Its a perfect way of life….
being Muslim.

Being Muslim,
teaches me how to love my neighbor, forgive my enemies
love and respect my parents,
It teaches me to love ALLAH
praise HIM for bestowing me with this life and this beautiful title…..
being Muslim.

Being Muslim,
I follow the sunnah of the beloved Messenger of ALLAH,
Nabi Muhammad sallahu alayhi wasalam.
A perfect yet humble exemplar
When I meet him,
I will meet him as part of his ummah….
being Muslim.

Being Muslim,
I live by the Quraan,
The honor of ALLAH
The word of ALLAH.
I will never be led astray,
for the words of the Quraan
is true and meaningful.
Its a clear truth to mankind.
That’s …..
being Muslim.

Being Muslim,
I ask Allah in my salaah
for every wish
for every desire.
I seek to please HIM
and in return HE will grant me
what is truthfully and rightfully mine.
Alhamduillah, its an honor
being Muslim.

Being Muslim,
I fast,
and I appreciate the goodness
in my life, and spare a thought and a part of my life’s earning
for the less fortunate.
I help my fellow brothers and sisters and gain their blessings.
SubhanaAllah, it’s
being Muslim.

Being Muslim,
I learn the art of living
in peace, love and harmony.
Always striving to secure my Akhirah,
Maintaining akhlaaq, modesty and hayaa.
That’s being Muslim.
Come! I sincerely invite you to
enjoy the company of a Muslim.

(Nashreen Kassim)


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