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Belief of a Muslim by Ml Karolia – Almighty Allah the One the Sovereign Lord – Part 7 – B


Thursday 20121129 – Ml Muhammad Karolia, in this series, intended discussing the Aqeeda of a Muslim i.e. Belief of a Muslim, undoubtedly a critical lesson for all.  Moulana highlighted various pertinent topics which were aimed at distinguishing the Correct beliefs from the incorrect beliefs.   The most important aspect in any discussion of Belief, is our Lord Allah Ta’aala, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

In this discussion Moulana further expounded on the Verse of Quran, Laysa Kamithlihi Shay, there’s nothing like Him(Allah Almighty):

Allah Ta’ala’s shape and appearance is beyond our comprehension  and ‘Wala Mutasowir’ we cannot ascribe any Surah, any picture or appearance to Allah Ta’ala.
We cannot attribute any limits to Allah Ta’ala nor can we ‘Wala Ma’dud’ attempt to speak of how much is Allah or attribute quantity to Allah.  Allah is not a number and is uncountable.
Moulana also advised that we should not contemplate or imagine that Allah comprises of different parts… This is part 7, B…





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