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Belief of a Muslim by Ml Karolia – Almighty Allah the One the Sovereign Lord – Part 8 ? B


Tuesday 20130205 – Ml Muhammad Karolia, in this series, intended discussing the Aqeeda of a Muslim i.e. Belief of a Muslim, undoubtedly a critical lesson for all.  Moulana highlighted various pertinent topics which were aimed at distinguishing the Correct beliefs from the incorrect beliefs.   The most important aspect in any discussion of Belief, is our Lord Allah Ta’aala, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

In this discussion Moulana discussed further on the Siffattul Kamaal – the Attributes of Perfection of Allah. The Ulama of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, as Moulana explained, have studied as many Names of Allah that they could find and concluded that the Siffattul Kamaal – the Attributes of Perfection of Allah, may be condensed to 8 Attributes of Perfection.  All the other attributes link up to these 8.  Viz. Al `Ilm/Knowledge.  Al Qudrah/Ability – Allah is Qadir Ala Kulli Shay – Able to do Everything.  Hayaat/Life – Allah is All Alive.  Al Quwwah/Strength – Allah is the Strongest.  Al Sama`a/All Hearing.  Al Basar/All Seeing.  Al Iradatu Wal Mashee Ah/Allah Intends and Desires.  Al Fi`alu Wat Takhleeq/Allah is the Doer and the Creator.  Al Tarzeeq/Sustainer and Al Kalaam/Speech.

This is part 8 B… 






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