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Birth of a new political party – Lentswe La Batho (LLB)

Fahmida Choonara |
2 May 2023 | 17:00 CAT
2 min read

Photo Credit: LLB Party Facebook

With next year’s upcoming elections, Dr Thabi Diseko launched a new political party, Lentswe La Batho, in Thaba Nchu, Free State. He joined Ml Sulaimaan Ravat on Radio Islam International to share his reasons for founding a new party.

Dr Diseko explained that Lentswe La Batho (LLB) is a national political party aiming to unite and give the people of South Africa a voice to build a better country. He added that the Government had turned citizens into slaves – a life far worse than the Apartheid era.

With increased crime, unemployment and more people living in informal settlements, corruption prevailed, with South Africans living a ”slavery quality life” – the living standards have dropped, and there is corruption everywhere. Diseko said the youth are in danger; obtaining qualifications but no jobs and starting up one’s own business is risky considering the corruption in South Africa.

He said the party aimed to become a ruling party for the people.

“Priority to unite against a common enemy – the ANC.”

Referring to the Zondo Commission Report, he said that the Government is led by criminals and corrupt officials who fight each other to gain power. He added that corrupt officials would be removed and dealt with.

Diseko quoted from a Sotho phrase, “A friend of a thief is also a thief.”

He made mention of the regions constantly without water and proclaimed that LLB would be the people’s voice.

The party will comprise people with similar priorities from different backgrounds wanting the same thing. According to Dr Diseko, the LLB is a realistic party that feels the same pain of the people and would support the other newly formed political party Rise Mzanzi, who approached LLB in fighting a common enemy with visions of economic prosperity and international standards and by uniting people.

Listen to the full interview on Sabahul Muslim with host Ml Sulaimaan Ravat here


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