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Monday 20121126 – Mohammad described his childhood, growing up in a Lutheran Christian home and his rebellious youth.  Even though he subscribed to Christianity, he was an Atheist and passed his time doing drugs, alcohol and fornication.  In the midst of his darkness, Mohammad reached out to a higher Being in search of Truth.  He later identified, within Christianity, the breach of the First Commandment of Moosa AS viz. Do not worship anything but Allah, Lord of the Universe.

Having seen the cross he wore around his neck, a Palestinian Bakery owner mentioned to him, ‘That guy is not your saviour…’.  For the first time in his life, he was then told about the names ‘Allah’, ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Islam’.  To his amazement, he was also informed that Muslims believe that Jesus PBUH/Isaa AS was a great Messenger of Allah.  These revelations of Muslim beliefs lead to his inclination to taking the Shahadah.

Mohammad also described his visit to a Tablighi Da`wah Ijtima.  During the lecture, the speaker asked who was ready to go out in the Path of Allah.  Wearing a Mexican shirt, tilley hat and goatee at the time, Muhammad stood up and announced his readiness to go in the Path of Allah…






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