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Businessman attacked in Burgersfort

Hannah Omarjee |
13:03:2023 | 13:00 PM CAT
2 min read

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hafidh Mohammed Tayob, a businessman in Burgersfort, said, “Justice makes no sense at all. The innocents are charged, and the guilty have rights,” as he recounted the incident that nearly cost him his life on 6th March 2023.

At around 4:20 pm, a man, making animalistic sounds, entered the office and came towards Tayob wielding a panga. After grappling with the man, Tayob could fire a shot at him. Despite the bullet wound, the man continued to attack him. He eventually managed to grab the panga and shouted for help as other staff members came to his aid. Tayob sustained injuries to his head, hands and upper body and was attended to by a doctor.

He said,” I did see this person earlier in the day, about 30 minutes before this incident, when he came to speak to my father. He was not making any sense earlier, and my father told him he was busy and should come to see him some other time. It was also the first time that my father saw this person.”

The man claimed he was sent by Jehovah’s Witnesses to kill all races and religions. He believed the business was built on ancestral land and wanted to reclaim it so that he could build Jerusalem.

The attack was reported to the South African Police, but they were of no help. SAPS refused to acknowledge that Tayob acted in self-defence and charged him with attempted murder while letting the attacker go free, despite video evidence clearly showing the attack. It was only dismissed after the case was brought to the attention of a senior public prosecutor, who was satisfied that it was a case of self-defence.

Watch the video clip here.



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