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Can Libyans Come Together After So Much Bloodshed? #LibyaDay

Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia – 2017/03/16

Former South African Ambassador to Libya, Mohammed Dangor, spoke to Radio Islam as part of the ‘Libya Day Focus’, highlighting the plight of the ‘once upon a time’ peaceful and flourishing country.

Dangor, who left Libya under unfavourable circumstances, following an evacuation from Tripoli back in 2011, says the country has split in to two parts, leaving the people at its peril.

He says that back in the day, it was a beautiful country; equipped with adequate social services, good education and an excellent health system.

“Every family got a stipend each month, if I talk to Libyans today, all they speak about is the golden era of Gaddafi.”

The conflict in Libya followed uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, which was centred on unemployment and hunger amongst the youth, where the armed forces eventually stood aside and allowed the people to take power.

People revered ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi as a maverick, with many accusing the leader of being brutal with his political enemies. They saw no other option than to have the late leader removed from the top of the food chain.

Dangor however, says this move was spear-headed by the French.

“Speaking to Libyans today, they say this was a NATO led uprising supported by some Libyans, obviously with the French having an agenda, the West having an agenda, and that agenda was regime change.”

According to Al Jazeera, France has confirmed that its special forces have been operating in the country.

Dangor adds that the only way for a country to change, would be by the order of the people.

“Outside interference is a problem, because it serves as the agenda, when you interfere with the process of history, this is what happens.”

He says that there was no doubt Gaddafi lost the plot, but added that the removal of the leader was brutal.

“They didn’t have to kill him in the way they did kill him, but the French wanted revenge.”

Dangor says there were many things Gaddafi accomplished in the country, accomplishments that were overlooked.

“Yes, he might’ve neglected Bengahzi to an extent, but he brought water from the South to the North, something which was never there, and he also modernised the West.”

There is no doubt that post-Gaddafi; things are looking quite bleak for the one time affluent country, but, the question is whether there is hope of a better and more prosperous Libya?

Dangor says that if Libyans pull their act together, it is possible. However he attributes the downfall to ‘outside interest’.

“In this instance being the Gulf Arab states, the Americans, the French, the Brits, and there are boots on the ground, and they’ve always been there.”

(Edited by Hesley Harmse)


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