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Muslim Names Articles

Female Names W

Wadeedah - Lover; Friend; Beloved; Devoted Wadaa'at - Mildness; Gentleness; Peace Wadhaa - Pretty Wafa' - Faithfulness...

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Male Names A

Aa'sim - Protecter Aban – clear, evident, sahabi name Abbas - Frowning, looking austere; also means lion, sahabi name...

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Male Names D

Daafi - One who keeps away; Remover; prevented; name of Allah   Daleel /guide Dawood-beloved/friend/name of a prophet...

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Male Names E

Ebrahim/Ibrahim- Earth/A merciful father/Name of a prophet Ehsan/ihsan - Goodness Emad - Confidence Eesaa/Esa/Isa -...

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Male Names G

Ghanim - Winner/Successful   Ghannam / one who always wins-one who got lot of sheep   Ghazwan/invader, raider  ...

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Male Names H

Haroon - protector, strong, lofty, prophet name Haani - Happy, Delighted, Content, sahabi Habib - Friend/beloved,...

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