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Chinese Embassy in SA Dontes Foods Parcels & Masks in Soweto


Faizel Patel – 05/06/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa in partnership with the Soweto Youth League has donated one thousand food parcels and five thousand masks to the community of Soweto as a cordial representation of brotherhood and friendship between the people of China and South Africa.

The embassy says that while nations around the world are currently seized with the ongoing arduous fight against COVID-19, China has from the onset held hands with different African countries through the provision of personal protective equipment, financial assistance and technical assistance.

It says In South Africa specifically, apart from the government-to-government cooperation, corporate entities in China and in South Africa have donated generously when the two nations were hard hit by the Coronavirus.

Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa Li Nan says, they will never forget the cordiality between China and the South African people.

“We’ll never forget those who helped us during our time of difficulty. After hard efforts and strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, we have now successfully brought the pandemic under effective control. But we are still working on doing more to prevent COVID-19 from coming back.”

Nan says it is time to reciprocate the goodwill and friendship from South Africa.

“In the past few months the Chinese government have been doing whatever we can to help our African brothers and sisters in fighting COVID-19.”

Nan says  President Cyril Ramaphosa wrote twice to President Xi to express his condolences and support, and has voiced his support for China’s anti-pandemic efforts


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