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City of Joburg Suspends 14-Day Electricity Pre-Termination Notice


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 24-05-2017

Lenasia ward councillor Kishore Badal has told Radio Islam residents who have received a 14 day electricity pre-termination notice should ignore it as the warning has been suspended.

Concerns were raised after so called ‘officials’ were entering residents yards and sticking the notices to walls and garages of homes informing them of pending electricity cuts due to arrear accounts.

Some residents claim the notices addressed to home owners were ‘rude’ and ‘arrogantly phrased.

Badal says he has been assured by the Johannesburg MMC for finance Rabelani Dagada that there would be no power cuts and that the 14 day notice is suspended.

“The 14 day notices has been suspended indefinitely. We will discuss with Councillor Degada what our way forward is. At this stage there is no cut offs. Nobody should be getting it going forward. They should ignore it or contact me with it.”


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