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City Power Contractors Based at Lenasia Depot Nabbed for Bribery

Jul 19, 2021

Faizel Patel – 19/072021

City Power has welcomed the arrest of two people accused of soliciting money from customers.

It is understood the duo were arrested over the weekend in Bramley after collecting about R6,000 from a customer who they threatened with cut offs.

City Power says the suspects are part of the contractors employed by City Power based at the Lenasia depot.

Spokesperson Isaac Mangena says a case of illegally tempering with municipal infrastructure, corruption and soliciting money has been opened.

“The customer notified the police and City Power Revenue Protection Unit who pounced on the two after reconnecting the customer and receiving the money. The two, who are linked to other incidents of soliciting bribes around Hursthill and Lenasia, were driving an unmarked car, but wearing City Power work suits.”

Mangena says an internal investigation has been launched to find out how the suspects  got the City Power work suits when they are not employees.

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