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Comprehensive Admonitions and Words of Wisdom

Shaykh Saalih ibn Humayd – 3 Safar 1440h

All praise is due to Allaah. He decreed a specific measure for all things, He has complete knowledge about every one of them, and out of His grace He conceals the flaws of His servants. He is perfect in every way and I praise Him out of gratitude for His abundant blessings. I testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allaah alone, without any partner. It is a testimony whose reward I hope to receive on the day when I am presented before Allaah. I further testify that our leader and Prophet, Muhammad, is Allaah’s worshipping servant and Messenger. Allaah sent him to all people with warnings, and with proof that left them with no further excuse. He completely conveyed his Lord’s message in both private and public. O Allaah, grant Your commendation, protection, and blessings to him, as well as to his esteemed Companions and all who follow their path.

My dear audience, I counsel all of you, as well as myself, to observe Taqwa of Allaah. That is the most comprehensive of advice and beneficial of admonition. Observe Taqwa of Allaah, know for sure that you will have to meet Him, beware of His punishment, be mindful of Him, make mention of Him, be grateful to Him, and ask His forgiveness. “If someone observes Taqwa, Allaah will give him a way out of every difficulty and provide for him from where he never anticipated. And if someone places his full trust in Allaah, He will suffice that person in every way. Allaah’s command shall inevitably take place, and He has decreed a specific term for all things.” Soorah al-Hashr (59):9.

Dear Muslims, preserve your time and make the best use of your lives. Our days are limited and there are only so many breaths that we will take. Our lives get shorter with every beat of our hearts, and each breath takes us nearer to our appointed time.

Remember, the short life we have in this world leads to another life that is everlasting – a life that will either be one of never-ending enjoyment or permanent punishment, and we seek refuge in Allaah from the latter. If a discerning person compares this short life to the everlasting one that lies ahead, he would be certain that each breath he takes in this life could be equivalent to thousands upon thousands of years of continuous enjoyment and delight in the hereafter. Thus, we implore Allaah, the Most Generous, for His bounty. A discerning individual would not leave his precious life to waste away without righteous deeds, and he would feel remorse over time lost since he will never be able to get it back.

Servants of Allaah, with all of that being the case, you must take heed of lessons and carefully contemplate the truth that you have been informed about. Reflect upon the events and changes that happen over time since they are a source of inhibition from wrongdoing, as well as admonition in general. Beware of being misled by the luxuries of this world. When a person indulges in them, he will ultimately increase in nothing besides loss.

People of this world focus on prominence, they love amassing possessions and being praised, they seek to outdo others materially, and they even lose their lives over things like malice, spite, and strife. In contrast, people of the hereafter “do not feel jealousy or malice towards others. They give others priority although they themselves might be in need”1 and they say, “Our Lord, forgive us and forgive our brothers who preceded us in accepting eemaan. Do not place in our hearts any rancour towards people who have eemaan. Our Lord, You are surely the Most Kind and the Bestower of mercy.” Soorah al-Hashr (59):10.

Servants of Allaah, which soul has never done wrong, and which limb has never committed a sin? We implore Allaah to grant all of us His guidance. We should strive to keep our hearts soft by remembering that one day we will inevitably pass away. We should admonish our hearts by remembering the trials of the grave which will most certainly take place. We should remind our hearts about the Day of Reckoning which all of us will undoubtedly have to experience. That will be a day on which all people will be humbled, ties will be cut, and “every person shall see the good they did and evil they perpetrated.” Soorah an-Naba’ (78):40. It will be “the Day when no property or offspring will avail a person unless he comes to Allaah with a pure and submissive heart.” Soorah ash-Shu‘araa’ (26):88-89. It will be “the day when no person shall have power to do anything for another, and all control and command on that day will belong to Allaah alone.” Soorah al-Infitaar (82):19. What you have been promised will surely come, and nothing stands between you and the hereafter besides you passing away. May Allaah grant all of us His mercy.

Indicators that Allaah has granted a person guidance include making acts of obedience easy for him, directing him to the Sunnah, putting him in the company of righteous people, enabling him to extend goodness to others, allowing him to preserve his time, and placing within him concern for the affairs of Muslims. Therefore, servants of Allaah, endeavour to maintain clean hearts, and love for your brothers what you love for yourselves. Realize that others being happy does not take anything away from your happiness, their being well- off does not reduce your provision, and their health does not detract from your wellbeing. When a person is gentle with Allaah’s servants, Allaah will be gentle with him. When he is merciful to them, Allaah will be merciful to him.

When he is good to them, Allaah will be good to him. When he benefits them, Allaah will benefit him. When he conceals their faults, Allaah will conceal his. Allaah will be towards His servant the way His servant is towards others. Contemplate the statement of Allaah, “Be kind to others just as Allaah has been kind to you.” Soorah al-Qasas (28):77. This shows that it is praiseworthy for the kindness you extend to be similar to the type of kindness Allaah extended to you. In other words, if His kindness to you came in the form of provision, then give charity to others; if it was knowledge, then impart to others; if it was happiness, then make others around you happy.

Overlooking people’s faults is one of the most noble traits to have. All people continually make mistakes. If a person constantly searches for the mistakes of others, he will wear himself out. The discerning individual overlooks those things so that he can maintain pleasant relationships and interactions with others.

When a person considers his words to be among his deeds, he would only speak about what is of concern to him. The greatest things a person can store away for himself in the hereafter are remaining truthful in this world, leaving things that do not concern him, keeping his heart clean, obeying Allaah while in private, observing sound conduct along with proper religious practice, and being a genuine and trustworthy brother.

My dearly beloved audience, some of the indicators that a person has tasted the sweetness of eemaan and obedience to Allaah include having tranquility in one’s heart, desiring to do what is correct, loving Allaah’s religion, being displeased when Allaah’s limits are violated, loving righteous individuals, and striving to strengthen the people of eemaan.

When the Prophet (may Allaah grant him commendation and protection) was asked about the best thing a person could be granted, he replied, “Sound conduct.” This was collected by al-Bukhaaree in al-Adab al-Mufrad with a saheeh chain of narration. If a person desires to know some of the signs of sound conduct, he should listen to the following explanation given by scholars known for their knowledge and wisdom. They explained that signs of sound conduct include rarely differing with others, not searching for their faults, giving them the benefit of the doubt, bearing their harms, having a pleasant face, speaking mildly, and being preoccupied with one’s own faults.

Relationships are maintained when people overlook faults, they grow when people reconcile, they become diseased when people start to magnify minor things, and they are destroyed when people pick at every single detail.

It is not blameworthy to make a mistake sometimes, but it is blameworthy for you to not learn from your mistakes. Ask when you do not know. Restrain yourself when you are angry. A truly generous person does not remind anyone of the good he does, and a truly sincere person does not regret having done things. Those who do good will reap immense rewards.

Choose your brothers and companions carefully. Speak to others in the best way, listen to others in the best way when they speak to you, show others a pleasant face when you meet them, and be as lenient as possible if you are opposed. Avoid speaking to the insolent, contending with the quarrelsome, and disputing with the foolish. Remember that having exchanges with real men is what nourishes the mind.

Doing good for others safeguards a person from an ill ending. Thus, you should endeavour to do things like feed the hungry, clothe the needy, care for orphans, assist the ailing, help the poor, give safety to those in fear, and put an end to wrongdoing that is being committed.

Servants of Allaah, if strife approaches, do get involved or speak about matters that are of no concern to you. Rather, refrain from speaking and adhere to the Sunnah. When you are unsure about any matter, do not give an answer about it. Rather, say, “Allaah knows best.” When you need an answer, seek it from recognized and trustworthy people of knowledge, and do not go beyond that. The reckless speaks before he knows, and answers before he understands. Ibn Mas‘ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) said, “People will continue to be in good circumstances so long as they take from those among them who are senior, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. If they take from those among them who are junior and imprudent, they will be ruined.”

“Does an individual not know what awaits him when the contents of all graves are brought out, and all that people’s hearts previously contained is made known? On that day, their Lord will be fully acquainted with all of them and He will recompense them accordingly.”
I ask Allaah to bless us all by the glorious Qur’aan and guidance of Muhammad (may Allaah grant him commendation and protection). I say this much, and I ask Allaah to forgive me and all of you. Thus, seek forgiveness from Allaah and repent to Him, as He is certainly the Most Forgiving, the Bestower of mercy.

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