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DA calls for investigation, say’s holes in the story regarding the alleged theft in President Ramaphosa’s Phala Pala farm.

Jun 06, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

Responding to Arthur Fraser allegations all week, President Ramaphosa Spoke at the Limpopo 10th provincial conference on June 5th. His first public address since Fraser laid a criminal complaint against him.

President Ramaphosa passionately denied any wrongdoing, acknowledging much public interest and concern about the claims made against him. He insisted that at the close of the party’s Limpopo conference in Polokwane, his integrity as a leader would never allow him to steal taxpayer money. The money stolen from his Phala Phala farm was from a sale of animals and a pure business transaction.

“Some are casting aspersions about me and money. I assure you that all this was money from proceeds from selling animals. I have never stolen money from anywhere and will never do so. I have never stolen money from our taxpayers. My integrity as a leader will never allow me to do so.”

In a statement issued by DA leader John Steenhuisen, he says Ramaphosa’s response raises more questions than answers.

Steenhuisen said. “There are many holes in this story that need to be filled. To this end, we will be taking several steps to get to the bottom of this issue which remains worryingly unclear.

“Firstly, we will be writing to the Commissioner of Sars, Mr Edward Kieswetter, alerting him to this sum of money. And also call on Sars to investigate whether this sum was declared and whether it carries tax implications per the Income Tax Act and Tax Administration Act.

“Secondly, we will be writing to the SARB to ascertain whether this sum of foreign currency pertains to the illicit flow of funds. And potential money laundering on the part of the President as per the Currency and Exchanges Act of 1933. The nation deserves to know the truth behind this transaction, and the DA will ensure that this matter does not become another ANC cover-up”.


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