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Developments in Roshnee, Johannesburg

Aug 28, 2021

By Hajira Khota

South Africa has come to a halt due to protests that have swept the country, fighting the third wave of COVID-19. Following the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma in July, the scale and severity of looting and sabotage have brought social protest and civil unrest into the public conversation.

Protestors have attacked shopping malls, factories, and warehouses, many of which are located in disadvantaged townships where inhabitants have been disproportionately affected by three rounds of Covid-19 infections and government-imposed lockdowns. To protect their towns, several citizens created vigilante organisations.

In response to the increased number of infections, communities have gathered together and implemented preventative measures. Many communities have been heavily struck, with family’s ill or hospitalised. Radio Islam International interviewed Ebrahim Sujee, a community leader in Roshnee, Johannesburg. He says, in the last two years, we’ve had issues with Covid-19, but the community has come together to serve those in need of assistance.

“We have several branches to help assist the communities; burial team, neighbourhood watch, feeding scheme, care for old age, Muslim women’s forum, to name a few”.

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