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Dilemma Facing the Youth

Aug 17, 2011
By Shaykh Muhammad Saalih

It gives me great pleasure to present a very serious problem not only in Islamic society but in every society, and that is the problem facing the youth in this age. The hearts of the youth are sickened with psychological problems which sometimes make them uneasy with life and they spend their energies in trying to free themselves from those difficulties and removing that sorrow. The removal of the difficulties will never take place except with Deen (Religion) and character in which there is the strengthening of society and the betterment of this world and the hereafter. With this (religion and character), goodness and blessings will descend and evil and calamities will end.

Countries do prosper except with the help of its citizens and religion does not gain strength except with its followers. When the followers of Islam will stand up for it, Allah will help them no matter how many enemies they have. Allah Ta'ala says: "O believers, if you help Allah's cause, he will help you and make your feet firm (against your enemies) and those who disbelieved, woe unto them and their actions are in vain." [47:7, 8]

If Deen (religion) cannot be strong except with it's followers, then it is necessary for us, the followers of Islam and it's flag-bearers, that we firstly strengthen ourselves so that we may become worthy of leadership and guidance. It is imperative that we learn from the book of Allah (The Qur'aan) and the Sunnah of his Rasool (Messenger) sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam which will equip us for speech, action, guiding and inviting. This will enable us to carry the weapons of the guidance of Islam to all those who seek the truth and also to wield it against all those who seek falsehood.


If we closely examine the youth, it will be possible for us to conclude that the youth are generally of three types: Rightly guided youth, deviated or perverted youth and youth who are confused (between evil and good).

Let us just look at the first type: Rightly guided youth are: Youth who firmly believe in all the implications of this Kalima (the shahadatain). They firmly believe in their Deen (Religion). Imaan (Faith) is beloved to them and they are content and satisfied with their Imaan. They consider acquiring Imaan as a profit and deprivation from it as a big loss.

Misgivings and evil thoughts keep recurring on a dead heart which contradicts Deen. It is for this reason that when it was said to Ibn Masud or Ibn-e-Abbas (Radiallaahu anhum) that some disbelievers say that they do not get evil thoughts in their prayers, i.e. they do not experience apprehensions, he replied, ''They have spoken the truth, what can Shaytaan do with an empty heart?"

If the heart is alive and there is even a bit of Imaan (faith) in it, then Shaytaan attacks it. His attack is devoid of leniency and sluggishness. He throws in the heart such evil thoughts which are detrimental to Deen. It is most destructive if the servant accepts these evil thoughts until Shaytaan induces him to create doubts in his Lord, Deen and beliefs. If he finds in the heart any weakness and frustration, Shaytaan overwhelms that heart until he takes it out of the confines of Deen. However, if he finds in the heart strength and steadfastness, he devises a contemptible scheme to mislead the servant.

These evil thoughts that Shaytaan casts in the him will not harm a person if he practices the therapy mentioned by Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam concerning it: Ibn-e-Abbas (Radiallaahu anhuma) narrates than a person came to Nabi sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam and said: "I am having a certain feeling within myself which being a burning ember is more desirable to me than my uttering it." Nabi sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said: "All praise are due to Allah who has rejected his scheme i.e. driven away Shaytaan's evil thoughts." (Hadith)

Hence, in short our youth are constantly under attack from Shaytan. Therefore, let us love them, be kind to them, counsel them and always help them in their fears. We ask Allah to grant us benefit from this and praises are only for Allah who is the Lord of the Universe. May Allah shower his choicest blessings and peace upon our Nabi sallallaahu 'alayhi WA sallam and upon all his family and companions. Ameen.


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