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Dua/Supplication is a call from an inferior to the superior, only addressed to He whose power surpasses that of the supplicant. With The Almighty, we supplicate Him because nothing in the entire universe is beyond His Power. If you want anything your means are powerless to fulfill, you cry for the Help of The Most High in the whole universe, Who is indeed above all means, instruments and causes. You turn to the Power and Might that created this universe and originated its causes crying, "O Lord,"so that He, all praise and glory be to Him, fulfills to you what your resources have failed to make happen."

Dua/Supplication is always for a thing you believe is prosperous for you. Every one of us wishes for goodness, measured from his/her own viewpoint and based on the extent of his knowledge. He sees that money is good for him so he begs for it, and he sees that authority is good for him so he begs Allah to have it. Even when you curse others, you want to quench the anger harboured in your heart against the one who treated you unjustly or unrightfully seized a possession of yours.

Dua/Supplication is an avowal of one's helplessness. Therefore, we may find that some men wielding authority, who can do whatever they will with their power and influence, or with their money, do not supplicate. Why should they when they believe themselves able to fulfill whatever they want? The Noble Quran depicts this image to us through the glorious verse saying (what means): "Nay! Verily, man does transgress all bounds (in disbelief and evil deed, etc.). Because he considers himself self-sufficient."? (Al-Alaq, 96: 6-7)

The meaning is that you, man, when you are able by your own means to fulfill what you wish, you forget – because of your negligence – Allah, all praise and glory be to Him, and His Supreme Power. As now witnessed, the further humanity progresses in civilization, the more it is obsessed with the vanity of self sufficiency and the deeper it breeds the pride of possessing power, hardly remembering Allah.


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