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Earth, water, fire and moya…

Hearken to nature’s call
Learn the speech of the birds
Listen to the symphonies of rivers and dams
Hear the melodies of fishes in waters
Sing the praise of the rose and dance with lilies in the field
Hug the soil and know the works of water

Earth, water, fire and moya …..
The caring should hunt for knowledge
The knowing should speak
Those talking should be clear
The hearing should listen
The listening should open their hearts
Those with opened hearts should speak with actions
Those who talk through actions should be the quiet
The quiet should speak by their manners
Those whose manners do the talking should speak by their actions

Earth, water, fire and moya…
The soil and things of the earth
Flesh and matters of the body
Fire and the flames of love
Moya and the unknown

Earth, water, fire and moya…
Learn the language of life
Go with the birds and flowers
Sing with the fishes in the deep
Embrace nature’s beauty and discover the secrets of creation


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