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Eid Poem

May 18, 2021


Mum treated chickens with a ginger garlic paste.
Healed in a day, they run in haste.

No dressed chickens in packs,
Mums prepared chicken fresh off the racks.

Dad preparing his lecture,
Mum taking care of the food texture.

A delicious dessert of trifle,
expecting a dessert, you cannot stifle.

Hoping the moon will be seen at dusk,
so fasting tomorrow is not a must.

Bathed and scrubbed, dressed in our best,
from a naughty brat to a darling pest.

Sitting in the mosque with big and small,
Listening to the sermon with one and all.

Demanding eidie from uncles and aunts,
counting our pennies, ignoring the taunts.

The joy of eid and memories of old,
brings back the joy of stories untold.

Zaki Sema


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