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Female Names A

Aadab – Hope and need
Ablaa – Perfectly formed
Abida – Worshipper
Abir/Abeer – Fragrance
Abbaasah – Lioness; Sister of Haroon Rashid
Adila/ Adilah/Adeela – Equal/one who deals justly
Afaf – Chaste/virtuous/decent/ pure
Afifah – Chaste
Afraa – White; Exalted; Highest social standing
Afrah – Happiness
Ahd – Pledge; Knowledge
Ahlam – Witty; one who has pleasant dreams; imaginative
A’idah/Aida – Visiting/ returning/reward
A’ishah/Aisha/Ayishah – fortunate, Living/ prosperous/ wife of the Prophet pbuh
Akilah – Intelligent/logical/one who reasons
Aliyyah/Aliah/A’lia – Exalted/noble/highest social standing
Almas – Diamond
Amatullah – Female servant of Allah
Amal/A’mal/Amala – Hopes/aspirations
Amani – Wishes/aspirations
Amara – paradise/urgent news/eternal
Aminah/Amineh/Ameena – Trustworthy; faithful/honest; trustful/ Mother of the Prophet pbuh
Amira/Amirah/Ameera – Princess/ leader
Anaan – Clouds
Anbar – Perfume/ambergris
Aneesa – Friendly; of good company
Ansam – breezes
Anwaar – Rays of light
Aqlimah – Intelligent/Wise/Daughter of prophet Adam/Sister of Qabeel
Areebah – Witty/smart
Areej – fragrance of flowers; Pleasant smell
Aroob – (Woman) Loving to her husband
Arwah – breath of air
Asah – Plant known for its greenness
Asiya – one who heals/pillar, support; The name of Pharoah’s wife who educated prophet Moosa.
Asma’ – Excellent/precious; daughter of Abu Bakr
Atifa – Affection/sympathy
Ayah – Sign/distinct
Azhar – Flowers/blossoms
Aziza/Azeezah – Esteemed/precious/cherished/dear/beloved/honored/respected/worthy
Azraa: virgin, modest
Azzah – Young/female gazelle


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