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Female Names F

Fadilah/Fadheela – Virtuous/Outstanding/Superior/Cultured and refined/Sahabia
Fadiya – Savior/Sincere/Sacrificing
Fadwa – Name derived from self-sacrifice
Fahhaamat – Very understanding/Extremely sympathetic
Fahima – Intelligent/Disarming
Fa’iqa – Superior/Great
Fairoz – Turquoise
Farah/ Farha – Happiness/Joy
Farhannah – Glad/Joyful
Faridah/Fareeda – Unique/Matchless/Precious pearl or gem
Fasiha – Fluent
Fatimah/Fatima/Fatma – The mother who weaned her child/Youthful girl/Daughter of the Prophet
Fawziyyah/Fawziya/Fazia – Successful/Victorious
Fazila – Superfluous/Accomplished person/Virtuous
Fidaa – Sacrifice
Fikriyyah – Meditative
Firdaus/Firdaws/Firdoos – Highest garden in Paradise
Firouzah/Feerouzah – Turquoise


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  1. Asmaa

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I would like to know what the name Rubayyi means and if it is pronounced Rubayyi or Rubayyi’ with a hamzah at the end


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