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Female Names N

May 05, 2014
Nabaahat – Renown; Nobleness; Eminence
Nabihah/ Nabeeha – Intelligent/ Noble
Nabila/Nabeela – noble
Nada – Generousity/ dew
Nadia – The beginning/ first
Nadirah – Rare/ precious
Na’eema – pleasure/ease/tranquility
Nafeesah – refined/pure/exquisite, sahabia
Nahlah – A drink of water
Na’ilah – Acquirer/ obtainer/ one who succeeds, sahabia
Na’ima/ Na’imah – Comfort/ amenity/ tranquility/ peace Najah – Success
Najibah/ Najeeba – Of noble birth
Najiyah – Safe
Najma/Najmah – Star
Nargis – A flower (Narcissus )
Naseema – Zephyr/gentle breeze
Nashida – Student
Nashita – Energetic/ full of life
Nashwa – Fragrance/ perfume/ that which intoxicates
Nasiha – One who gives valuable advice
Nasira/Nasirah – Victorious/ helper
Nasreen/Nasrin – A flower (a wild rose)
Nazifa – Clean/ pure
Nawal – gift/attainment , sahabia
Nawla – gift, sahabia
Nawwar – blossom/flower, sahabia
Nayyirah – luminous/shining/brilliant
Nazihah – Honest
Nazirah – leader/vanguard/Like/ equal/ matching
Nihal – sapling/young plant
Niloufar – A flower (Water Lily)
Ni’mah – Blessing/ loan
Ni’mat – Blessings/ loans
Noor/Nour – Light
Nusaiba – noble, sahabia
Nuha – wisdom/prudence
Nura – flower/blossom


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