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Female Names R

May 03, 2014
Rabab – White cloud
Rabia – Pious/Forth/Purity
Rabi’ah – Garden/Springtime/Sahabia
Radeyah/Radhiya – Content/Satisfied/Pleased/Delighted
Radwa/Radhwa – A mountain in Medina
Ra’eefa – Compassionate/Kind
Ra’eesah – Leader/Princess/Noble/A wealthy lady
Rafiqa – Sweetheart/Companion
Raghd – Pleasant
Raheemah/Rahimah – Merciful/Compassionate/Kind/Affectionate
Rahiba – Nun
Ra’idah – Leader
Rajeeyah – Hoping/Full of hope
Rakina – Steadfast/Respected/Helpful
Ramla – Sand
Ra’naa – Lovely/Beautiful/Graceful/Delicate
Randa – Tree of good scent
Raniyah – Gazing
Rasha – Young gazelle
Rashida/Rasheeda – Wise/Mature
Rawdah/ Rawdha – Garden
Razina – Intelligent/Wise/Honored/Sahabia
Reem- Girl/Pretty eyes like a gazelle
Rihanah – A flower/Wife of rassole
Rida – Favored by God
Rihana – Sweet basil
Rim/Reem – Gazelle
Rumaisaa/Rumaitha – Peace maker/Sahabiya
Ruqayyah/Ruqaya – Gentle/Daughter of the Prophet pbuh
Rufaida – Support/Sahabi


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