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Female Names S

May 02, 2014
Sabbaaqa – Triumphant; Superior; Pre eminent
Sabah – Morning/Zephyr/A gentle breeze
Sabeehah/Sabiha – Beautiful/Handsome/Lady w/fair complexion
Sabirah – Patient
Sabreen/Sabreena – Patient
Saeedah – Happy/Prosperous/Lucky
Safa – Clarity/Purity/Serenity
Safia/Safiyyah – Pure/Virtuous/Wife of prophet
Sahar- Dawn/Morning
Sahirah/Sahira – Earth/Moon/Spring which flows constantly
Sahlah – Smooth/Soft/Fluent/Flowing
Sakinah/Sakeena – God-inspired peace of mind/Tranquility
Salihah – Correct/Agreeable
Salimah/Saleema – Peace/Flawless/Faultless/Safe/Healthy
Salma – Peaceful/Sweetheart/Servant of prophet S.A.W
Salwa – Solace/Quail/Consolation
Samah – Generosity
Samar – Evening conversation
Samia/Samiyah – Noble/Lofty/Elevated
Samihah/Sameeha – Generous
Samira/Sameerah – One who narrates stories in the night/Story teller/Entertainer
Samiyah – Elevated/Exhalted/Lofty
Sana ‘ – Resplendence/Brilliance/To gaze or look
Sara/Sarah – Pure/Excellent
Sauda – Black
Sawsan – Lily of the valley
Shabibah – Youthful
Shakeelah – Comely/Beautiful/Well-formed/Well-shaped
Shakira/Shaakirah – Grateful/Contented
Shamila – Including/Comprising/Connected/Mingled/Common
Shamima – Noble
Shareefa/Sharifah – Noble/Eminent/Honorable
Shaima- With a a white sign in the forehead/Foster sister of prophet
Shifaa- Cure/Remedy/Sahabia
Sawda- Black/Wife of prophet SAW
Siddiqah – One who keeps her word
Su’da – Pious
Suhailah/Suhaylah/Suhayla – Smooth/Soft/Fluent/Flowing
Suhaymah – Small arrow
Sultana – Queen
Sumayyah/Sumaiya – Proper name
Sundus – Silk
Surayya – Name of stars/Happy


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