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Female Names Z

Apr 27, 2014
Zabeebat – Syrup
Zafrat – Strong
Zafirah – Of firm and resolute intention/Victorious/Successful
Zafwat – Affluence; Plenty; Complete
Zagheefat – Green; Blooming; Fresh
Zagheeghat – Abundance; Affluence; Multitude
Zaghrab – Flowing abundantly; Deep
Zahira/Zaahirah – Blossoming flower/Of bright & lovely color/Lofty
Zahaa – Radiance; Brilliance
Zahrah – Flower/Beauty/Star
Zaib/Zainab – Beautiful tree exuding fragrance/Elder daughter of the prophet pbuh
Zakira – Grateful person/One who praises God
Zakiyah – Sharp mind/Pure/Wise/Intelligent
Za’amat – Power; Authority; Command; Glory; Honour
Zaneera/Zineera – Sahabia/Slender waist/Pebbles
Zarifah – Graceful/Pretty
Zaynah/Zaina – Beautiful
Zeba – Adorned/Beautiful/Proper/Graceful
Zeeba/Ziba – Beautiful
Zeenat – Decoration/Pretty/Flower
Zohniyya – Bright minded
Zubaidah – Excellent
Zulaikha/Zulaikhah – So beautiful
Zulfa – Beloved
Zumarrada – Emerald/Precious stone


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