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Give your heart to Him!

Nov 17, 2014

When the heart is stolen, and in you, love is truly found,
Your beloved takes over your entire life without a sound.

Towards what you thought was impossible about to even think,
Your love makes them an object to achieve without even a blink!

And you will conquer the mountains, the lands and the depths of the seas,
You will submit with a smile, at every painful command even on your knees!

Fortunate you are, if your true love is That Being who has created the ability to love,
For in any other love, you will feel silly when in return you are given a heartbreaking shove!

If your love is a team that chases after any kind of ball,
Know, that in a one sided relationship you did choose to fall!

If your love is a prancing noisemaker, surrounded by different beats and a tone,
Know, that the existence of your besotted soul, to your beloved will remain unknown!

If your love is in that which has been created by creation or even by The Creator,
Know, that you love that which, for you, one day will not even be a mediator!

Except of course, if your love is For Him and all that He has chosen for your heart,
Then your love, is indeed, a love from which you must never ever depart!

For in that Divine Love, you will be known, accepted and be loved in return,
And Everlasting Sweetness you will find, even when your heart does burn!

When He loves, He loves without limit, making you The Beloved of His Creation too,
So, dont you think it is about time you give your heart and say, Oh My Allah!* I love you!

*Jalla jalaaluhoo


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