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Guide and advises for the home

Oct 11, 2011
باسمه تعالى
By Qari Ismail Essack (Rahimahullah)

1.    To live together with love, affection and understanding.
2.    To learn to appreciate and understand one another.
3.    Respect your parents at all times.
4.    The young must have respect for the older one.
5.    Always show kindness and fondness to the one younger than yourselves.
6.    Make Khidmat of others.
7.    Give gifts to one another.
8.    Always appreciate and say Jazakallah for the good that someone does to you.
9.    Always greet each other with salaam.
10.    Always show you care for others.
11.    Never hurt another person’s feelings.
12.    Always speak good of one another.
13.    Read all five Namazes on time.
14.    Make Tilawat of the Qur’aan daily.
15.    Wake up early in the mornings.
16.    No one to sleep later then 10:30pm.
17.    The only one who will sleep later is the one who is studying.
18.    Try and bring alive a sunnat every day.

May Allaah Ta’ala assist and guide us.


For the Esaale Thawaab of Marhoom Qari Ismail Essack and all Marhomeen.


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