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“Hajj Process in Canada Not as Difficult as South Africa” – Ml Yusuf Badat


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 30-08-2017

The Ameer of the Mathabah Islamic Foundation of Toronto and Canadian Council of Imams Moulana Yusuf Badat says the application process in Canada to perform hajj is not as difficult as South Africa.

Ml Badat was speaking to Radio Islam from the haram in Makkah as hujjaj prepared to leave the holy city for the first day of hajj also known as Yawmul Tarrwiyah (day of resting).

The fifty Canadian hujjaj did not move to Azzizia and preferred to stay in Makkah leading up to the beginning of hajj.

The Islamic scholar says Canadian Muslims can apply for a hajj visas directly from the Saudi embassy, but authorities prefer hujjaj consult a recognised hajj agent who arranges the travel, hotels and other logistics of the journey.

Ml Badat says there are no restrictions of how many times Canadian Muslims can perform hajj.

“If a person who is a Canadian Muslim wishing to perform hajj several times, then they do apply an additional fee of SR2, 000 (R 7,000) if you have performed hajj within five years, but they don’t restrict. A person can still go.”

Ml Badat says Canadian Muslims are also not restricted by the hajj quota system.

“Our population as a Muslim community based on our demographics and geography is quite minimal so therefore there is no quota. Every year there is approximately three to four thousand maximum hujjaj that are coming in from Canada.”

Moulana Badat says the cost for a Canadian to perform hajj which includes flights accommodation, visits to Medina and Makkah for twenty days is approximately CA$ 11,000 (R114, 000).

South Africa is restricted to a quota of about two thousand five hundred hujjaj which was increased from two thousand this year after the completion of the renovations in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia.


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