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Head scarf has meaning for Muslim women


I am a Muslim, and my mother wears a head scarf, or Hijab. Hijab is not just covering your hair, but also means to cover your entire body to wrists and ankles. The clothing of women who wear Hijab cannot be tight. It has to be loose, so the shape of her body cannot be seen.


Just because Muslim women wear a head scarf, people treat them differently. And sometimes when girls or women wear Hijab, people say very mean things to them. It hurts their feelings, but they are scared to say anything.


People don't make you wear Hijab. You wear Hijab because you want to. You want to be protected. And you want to be modest. If you do some research about this topic, you will come to see some things.


First, that many Muslim women who wear Hijab and have fought in court have won their cases. And, second, girls who have been suspended or called down to the office at school because of their scarf have been given the permission to wear it.


Many girls who wear Hijab are made fun of in school. Kids say very hurtful things to them and don't realize how much they are hurting their feelings. Some girls don't even want to come back to school the next day. I think that the reason why people make fun of those who wear Hijab is because they don't know a lot about Islam and the reason why Muslim women wear Hijab.


My mother wears Hijab. She works at the Empire State Plaza. She has a store there and sometimes people don't buy things from her because they see that she wears a scarf. I know some people have said really hurtful things to my mom, but she stays patient and never says anything to them. It can be difficult to wear Hijab sometimes, but I think it makes women stronger.


I personally don't wear Hijab; however, I think that Muslim women and girls who wear Hijab should be respected.


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