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How Bishr Haafi (R.A) Became A Wali Of Allah

Bishr Haafi Rahmatullah alaih was a very pious person and a friend of Allah. However, the story of how he reached it is quite amazing…

Before his reformation, Bishr Haafi Rahmatullah alaih was a drunkard. One day on his way to the pub he saw a piece of paper on which was written Bismilla hir Rahmaanir Raheem ’laying in the street gutter. He stopped to pick it up, cleaned it, applied perfume to it and placed it on a high shelf in his home.
That night a pious person from the area was commanded in a dream: ‘’you had perfumed and honoured my name, I shall cleanse you of your sins and elevate you’’. The pious man’s eyes opened. ‘’He thought, Bishr is a faasiq (sinner). My dream is false’’.

He made wudhu, performed two rakaats of Salah and went back to sleep. He saw the same dream, woke up with the same thought again and fell asleep again. He then saw the same dream for the third time.
In the morning, the pious person sent for Bishr but he was informed that Bishr was in the pub. He went to the pub, stood outside and inquired about Bishr. This pious person was told that Bishr was lying down in a stupor. The pious man said: ’’Tell him that someone has brought a message from Allah Ta’alah’’.
When this message was delivered, it penetrated in his heart, sobering him. Bishr was overcome with fear. He said to his friends in the pub: ‘’I do not know if this is a message of reprimand or punishment. Farewell! ‘’you will not see me again’ ’He emerged from the pub, the pious person delivered the message and Bishr repented becoming one of the closest servants of his time.

One important lesson we can learn from the above incident is respect for Allah’s name and anything related to Allah’s deen. At times, like the incident above, a little respect or a small action can book your ticket to Janna.
However, that does not mean that we should sin and hope that a small action will save us. Remember that Allah’s mercy is abundant but we should never take advantage of it.


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